During surgical interventions in the vast majority of patients the functional capacity of the immune system is reduced. This is due not only to the injurious effect on the body and the predicted blood loss, but also the effect of immunosuppressive drugs: antibiotics, anesthetics, anti-inflammatory drugs. Often in the postoperative period, patients complain of asthenia, chronic fatigue and even depression. The use of antibiotics can provoke mycotic lesions and negative changes in immune parameters. For the perioperative support of patients with the risk of immunosuppression developed and implemented in clinical practice the antirecordic immunocorrector Arecur.
The composition of the drug Areucur® includes regulatory peptides and arginine. Exogenous regulatory peptides of natural origin of the classes RJP-1 and defensin-1 have anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and anti-tumor properties. Arginine is an amino acid that belongs to the class of conventionally irreplaceable and is an active and versatile cell regulator of many vital functions of the body, revealing important protective effects in the critical state of the body