About immunity

The immune system is an extremely complex dynamic structure in the human body that regulates itself and is responsible for countering danger. Immunity meets the challenges of the surrounding world every day. Immune cells - lymphocytes and macrophages - play a decisive role in the work of the immune system.

These microscopic defenders detect danger every second and destroy hundreds of viruses, bacteria, or their own dangerous cells. Immunity is called a "living supercomputer", because the number of operations per second that it performs reaches millions. Millions of immune cells identify and destroy millions of threats.


What is a dangerous cell? This is a cell infected by a virus, damaged by toxic substances, having a disrupted genotype. Such a cell may show signs of mutation. That is, in essence, a biological weapon directed against one's own body, because it can become malignant. If the malignant cell is not destroyed by lymphocytes, it will bring to the inevitable development of a tumor. 

The most difficult task for immunity is to identify a hidden threat. After all, it is known that in the early stages of serious diseases, dangerous cells do not differ from the normal cells. In terms of structure and biochemical activity, atypical cells are almost identical to the surrounding healthy cells. Therefore, applying immuno-correction and increasing the probability of identifying a hidden threat is vital.


Using the innovative methods of immuno-correction makes it possible today to achieve significant results in gynecology, urology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrinology, oncology, surgery, and proctology. The strategy of immuno-correction is to increase the efficiency of immune cells without systemic depletion of immunity, using effective and safe natural substances which can configure existing lymphocytes and macrophages for danger elimination. 
Even if a serious disease occurs and the exhausting toxic therapy is taken, the main role in the fight against a tumor or infection is played by the patient's immunity. The peculiarities of tumor and infectious diseases are such that even after recovery there is always a risk of relapse. But there is an effective and safe immuno-correction that works, restores, and helps to effectively counteract exacerbations of chronic diseases.