Immuno-corrector with anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-tumor effect



Ointment - to reduce inflammation and restore metabolism in the skin, heal microtraumas and burns, improve regeneration processes and prevent the formation of scars after acne, tattooing and cosmetology procedures.


Capsules - for harmonizing the work of the immunity in the gastrointestinal tract diseases, in chronic liver diseases, as well as for restoring the vital forces of the body during the rehabilitation period.


Ampoules - for systemic immuno-correction, powerful support of antiviral and antitumor immunity, prevention of relapses of serious diseases, as well as for recovery after surgeries and exhausting protocol therapy.


Suppositories - vaginally or rectally: to restore immunity in gynecology and urology, after surgical interventions, with the aim of harmonious healing of damaged tissues.

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